Color-changing carpet

Yet another reminder, as if we needed one, that we really do live in a science-fiction world.

“Using three different colors of heat sensitive wool, Norwegian designer Siren Elise Wilhelmsen has created a stunning rug that acts like a soft thermometer, changing its appearance depending on the environment.”


Oyster City

“I would get a lot of phone calls for my boss from men who said they were Deep Throat. Usually I assumed they were really the boyfriend I was seeing at the time so I would say, “Hugh, is this you? Hugh, I have work to do,” and hang up.

My boss was having work done on his apartment and the two construction workers wanted to know what I knew about him, him being famous, and since I worked out of his apartment I showed them a pair of alligator boots he kept under his bed. The workmen, covered in sawdust, put down their hammers and saws and handled the alligator boots, whistling while they did, letting me know they knew the cost of things like boots made of exotic animal hide. When I put the boots back under the bed, I turned them over first, to shake out any wood chips or sawdust that may have fallen inside them.

Sometimes when the phone rang and the caller said he was Deep Throat, I would crack the workmen up by screaming into the phone, “Is this Deep Throat really? Well this is Mary Fucking Poppins!” They would get a kick out of that. Other days I was Little Bo Fucking Peep, or Little Red Fucking Riding Hood, but I think the day they laughed the loudest was when I yelled into the phone, “Well this is Aretha Fucking Franklin!” All that afternoon we sang all the Aretha we knew while I paid my boss’ utility bills, balanced his check book, booked him a flight, and made sure the dry cleaners were going to deliver his clothes on time.”

More at: http://nplusonemag.com/oyster-city

Crayon Dragon

It feels good to be back online…

For the longest time I just let my domain sit idle.  It was hosted by a Swedish company, and although they were fairly non-responsive, they offered some very cheap hosting plans.  Caveat emptor, I guess.  Finally, the hosting company stopped responding altogether, and my domain registration was due to expire.  Thanks to some moderately laborious research, I was able to figure out a way to get my domain moved to a more responsive host, and LaughingSquid set me up with a web package in literally minutes.  Hopefully this new-found sense of accomplishment will provide motivation to keep blogging, at least it will give me a platform to tinker with WordPress and graphics.