This domain dates back to the late 90’s, when I was first starting out in telecommunications.  The first job I can definitively say I had in the telecom industry was working for a NSP (network service provider) as an inside sales person.  My career equivalent of starting in the mail room.  A lot of the job consisted of coordinating circuit installations so we could provide service to internet service providers (ISPs), but I also spent a good deal of time learning about internet domains, how to order domains, what were some of the criteria for what type of domain was appropriate, etcetera, etcetera.  I also ordered domains for myself, as practice and as a way to make a personal statement. was not my first domain, that would have been a fan domain sparked by a specific TV show, but when I heard that .net domains were going to be available to individuals (formerly they were designated for network providers), I spent some time trying out various combinations on the NetworkSolutions site, and managed to register one of the last two-letter domains around.  Pure happenstance that it also has some relevance to my name.

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